Benefits of Home Watch Service

When considering whether a home watch service for your home, you might find yourself wondering, “Why pay for a service when I can have a friend or neighbor stop by occasionally to check on my home?”  But then the “what-if’s” come into play…

What if a serious issue arises? What if you need someone to take swift action on your behalf? What if your house has a security breach? Given that, your property can quickly become an imposition for a neighbor, and a significant financial drain.  When one of these scenarios become a reality, it is important to have an experienced home watch service provider on your side.

When you hire a home watch service provider, the benefits greatly outweigh the cost.

These benefits can include:

  • Collecting mail and/or packages, if needed
  • Monitor your pool for leaks or chemical imbalances
  • Monitor your home for power outages or flipped breakers
  • Regular visits to your property to prevent or minimize property damage
  • Creating a presence in your home which may deter intruders
  • Delivering more frequent updates with consistent and accurate information during your absence
  • Interior and exterior inspecting for leaks, insects, mold, and other potential issues
  • Answering alarm calls and working with local authorities
  • Providing the monitoring, upkeep and home maintenance of HVAC systems
  • Accessing control to third parties (with permission from the owner)
  • Addressing any problems with landscapers and lawn services to ensure your home doesn’t appear unoccupied
  • Make sure all drip irrigation is working as expected and plants are not dying in the heat
  • Acting as your liaison between contractors, HOAs, realtors, and anyone that you authorize
  • Implementing a storm plan, if applicable
  • Providing any additional services that may be unique to your home.

With a home watch service, these benefits will leave you with peace of mind and assure you that one of your greatest investments will be taken care of, so that your return will be peaceful and easy.