Our Fire Safety Services in Phoenix

Smoke Alarm Medic has been serving Maricopa County, AZ and the rest of the Phoenix metropolitan area for more than five years. We offer superb customer service that meets your fire safety needs. We make every effort to keep our prices affordable. Smoke alarm installation starts at $55, with packages ranging from $89.99 and up. Our average client pays under $300 for a complete smoke alarm system replacement. We estimate every bid prior to beginning the work, schedule your free consultation today.

What’s Included and Our Process

Our standard fire safety inspection includes battery replacement *, system inspection, testing, cleaning and certification. In addition, we evaluate any fire hazards and recommend services to properly mitigate any hazards found.

During our inspection, we will outline all our recommendations and give you a price quote on all items listed.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Smoke detector installation and/or replacement
  • Hardwired smoke alarm installation and service
  • Battery powered smoke alarm installation and service
  • Wireless interconnected smoke alarm installation and service
  • Smart home smoke alarm installation
  • New fire extinguisher installation and proper usage training

Smoke Alarm Medic Installation Process

We believe that customers should not pay retail prices for smoke alarms. We have partnered with the most trusted brand in home smoke detection, Kidde. We provide Kidde smoke alarms for every installation at more affordable prices than you will find anywhere. All Kidde alarms are certified free from recall. Our unique to industry installations include complete replacement down to brand new wire nuts.